Monday, September 20, 2010

installment of Text

In the next installment of Text, Lies and Video, Andy finds out that Travis has posted video of his amazing bottoming and blowjob skills to and his reputation has been destroyed. Desperate to figure out why he would do such a thing he seeks out Colton, the horny security guard played by the incredibly sexy Dallas Evans. It seems that Colton got into some hot water when making the rounds because he stopped to give Travis some extra attention, in the form of sucking his throbbing hard cock so well his toes curled. And Travis got into it so much he began facefucking the hot uniformed stud, getting some quality footage on his infamous camera. And Andy just can’t get a break because when he finally has a real date, with the handsome Riley Price, and deep throats his aching hard cock, things go horribly wrong. How much more can Andy take? How do the rest of his neighbors factor into this? And what is his neighbor Sasha’s hot news? ! Tune in Wednesday for part three!


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